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April 28, 2016 11:02:03 PM || Announcements

Ok, technically just one website.

Our backend had a major issue where several features had to be shut down and removed. The major issue caused the whole Beloved Doll Designs website, except for the shop, to shut down and not load, giving visitors a blank page. Said features were removed and the website loaded back up. Those who have visited the Beloved Doll Designs website before will notice many things are missing, including our events calendar and the slider on the front page.

Unfortunately getting these features back will require some time to get them back in and working. In light of this, we will be taking this opportunity to make some changes around the website.

One of the new things that will come is an official art commissions page. Art commissions have been available for some time but itís time it had its own official page to provide information and samples.

Another new thing that will come is a selection of manga books for the shop. Iíll be testing the waters in this field and will start with a few titles.

In other news, this weekend I will be in the Artist Alley at Ravencon. There are two more shows lined up and Iím waiting to hear back about a third one.

Some weeks back I was in the Artist Alley on Friday at Fur the More. I have several photos that Iíd like to get posted soon and will do so once time allows. Once the photos are up I will update the Beloved Doll Designs Facebook page to let everyone know when the photos are available for viewing.

Any orders that come through will ship out on Monday when I return from Ravencon. Hope to see you there!

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