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OmegaCon 2014 Photos and Results

August 18, 2014 10:38:23 PM || Shows and Conventions

OmegaCon 2014 was this weekend. I know I have only been to two cons but this definitely is the best! So letís get down to the nitty gritty and talk about what went on and get to showing some photos.

I had more time to work on my table display (and didnít run out of tape this time!) this round so my table looks way better than it did for CHS OtakuFest 2014.

I was able to get my prints up this time annnnnnd I got a little sign with my business name on it! Products were expanded as well. I had added many more keychain designs, sketches, crochet pony mini plushes, pony dolls, more sprites, a few DVDs, a bunch of MLP stuff, some Pokemon cards and displayed the buttons differently.

Now I didnít do Friday as having a place to stay for the con was tricky. However, after hearing folks talk about how hopping the con was on Friday, I wish I had been there!! So maybe next year Iíll be able to do all three days, or at the least do Friday and Saturday.

Obviously the display still needs work but it is way better than the last show. Sales were a lot better, too. Didnít so as much as Iíd like to have but it was decent.

Saturday was fairly busy with several folks being present. A lot of cosplayers were walking around (whereas Sunday didnít have very many). I was able to get a few of the cosplayers photographed on Saturday so below are their photos.

I had a great time talking to everyone and even got to learn a few new things such as a couple of anime cons to try to get in as well as a couple of new anime and manga to check out.

The experience itself was mostly good but letís do the not so pretty stuff first.

It was FREEZING cold in there! I wish I had a jacket with me. My toes were numb and I was shivering pretty much the entire time. And the floor was water all over it so my stuff, as well as other vendorsí stuff, were getting wet and ruined from all the water. Later on, I found out that the vendor area was placed on an ice rink at the venue and the area was supposed to have different flooring than what it ended up with. The OmegaCon staff are aware of those issues and they have plans on making corrections next year so that these things wonít happen again.

My ProPay machine decided it was going to crash on me so I couldnít accept credit cards at the show. That really sucked because I got it to help with those payments regardless of internet status (which was super unstable). I have to get in contact with ProPay to find out what is going on and to get it fixed because I need this thing to work.

For the upsides, it was great to have folks who helped me transport things to and from the car. It was a decent walking distance and the boxes were heavy so I give a huge kudos to the guys who had to endure that and helped me out big time.

I was impressed with how many folks showed up considering that this was OmegaConís only second year. I wish I was present for Friday as that sounded like there was even more people. Hearing about the growth rate of the show, Iím excited for next year.

For Sunday, I slightly changed up the table display.

I had the bookmarks sprayed out like a fan. The cup didnít seem to help them much. I also put the Pokemon cards up on one of the shelves to make it easier to see them. That seemed to help. The crochet plushes were taken out of the bowl so they were easier to see as well. I was able to find a spot to put the price list finally.

More changes will done on future displays for sure. Surprisingly none of the keychains went home with anyone. There is always next time.

Unrelated to the OmegaCon show, I am looking at doing some changes around here on the website. The shop section will be getting a do over in itís setup and programming. Also an art gallery will be added as thereís been a lot of requests for that. Iíll be taking the business stuff and putting them in their own corner away from all the anime stuff so give the two some separation. I will be holding off adding more stuff to the shop until the restructure is done. No point in adding products in twice. Services will be expanded to include more custom work, too.

If anyone has any photos or videos that were taken at OmegaCon, or have written reviews, please send them my way. Iíd love to see them!

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