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Mike Pollock – Voice Actor

“Beloved Doll freshened up itsamike.com by fixing problems I didn’t even know I had. Sure, I thought I could build my own site, but even though the tools are available to do so, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Like a TV makeover show, a few days worth of collaboration resulted in a world of improvement. When we worked together, she was happy to take my suggestions, or politely tell me why she wouldn’t — and whenever that happened, she turned out to be right. And she would gladly undo what I didn’t like. My little starter home is now a showplace, and I’m proud to invite guests in for a look around.”

Jessica Nash – Author

“Amy Sollers did my art work for my first book publication. I have been extremely pleased with her results and look forward to having her do some more art work for me in the future! She’s is by far the best artist I’ve seen in all my 29 years!

John Suntiger – VJ

“Need to birth your idea into some graphic art — Call Amy.”

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